Corona Virus Quarantine Day 2

Here goes the quarantine during Covid-19, Day 2. We did not have any crying or tantrums from Peyton, but Hayden had a little break down. We learned today that Math is now dad’s subject to work on with Hayden. He’s more patient, and Hayden listens more to him, so tag, dad’s it!

This is how Peyton’s day started. He joined me in bed and did his math homework. He got really excited when he realized he didn’t have to do a math sheet! This boy is good at math, but doesn’t like doing it!

Math in bed on the iPad!

Hayden did his work, and we found out mom is not the best teacher at Math for him. He gets really agitated with me fast. We made it through a worksheet after many arguments and tears. Then dad came out and helped with his math on the Chrome Book and we found out dad is the best math teacher when it comes to Hayden. So…dad gets to do the math work with him now!

Other than that, the boys have had a blanket fort in the living room, done lots of reading, and playing Roblox. They have had lots of “gym” time outside, and expended a lot of energy that way. I can say I am REALLY glad we have a huge yard for them to play in. It makes this quarantine not too terrible.

Fun time after baths.

The end of the night had them curled up on the couch playing a game together. Hayden didn’t want me taking his picture, but too bad! Not long after this pic, Hayden was elbowing Peyton and they were arguing. I don’t know why they play Roblox together, it always ends that way!

How are you handling the extra time at home?

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