New Flyer Designed

Hello all, I’m terrible at this blogging thing. I need to rectify that. Anyways, life is insane, and we have been doing virtual school for almost a year now due to Covid! Our youngest is thriving, it is amazing to see. He started the year off below grade level for reading, but has jumped three levels and is now at grade level. It’s been hard, it’s been a lot of work, but we are doing it!

Enough about that though, this post is about design. I was approached by the local WeCare to create a flyer for their Bake Sale. I had fun with this one, as it’s not my normal type of design, and I decided to try some new stuff and have fun with it! I am excited I got to create it, and hope to be able to make more fun flyers soon. If you are in town, check it out and even donate!

Here is my flyer, let me know what you think!

We Care Bake Sale
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I’ll be nicer when you leave!

With everything going on in the world and having the kids home 24/7 without a real break, my designs have taken a back seat. I am slowly getting back into designing though, and just made one that cracks me up! It’s sarcastic and funny, I just have to share it!

My newest design is: “I’ll be nicer when you leave!” You know you need this in your life or know someone who does! Check out the mug and t-shirt, don’t you just love this design? You can also get it on stickers, a tote bag, prints, and more!!

Check out the link here to order:

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Covid-19 Quarantine Days 4 and 5

Yesterday I forgot to make a post, we were all just emotionally drained, and I zoned out last night when I would have normally posted. So, you will get two days in one post!

Yesterday, the kids weren’t as excited to get their work going. It took a bit of bribing to get them started, but they worked well once they did. Hayden got to do a video chat with his class both yesterday and today, which he loved. It was fun listen to the kids all talk together, they definitely miss school and one another!

For art class, I created Peyton’s Ninja costume. He LOVES it.

The boys also had music class and gym with dad yesterday. They’re enjoying the time home with us right now, who knows how long that will last though!

Tomorrow is Saturday, so we will take a break from “classes.” We only spend about 1-2 hours daily on them as it is, but they need a brain break too. Waiting to see what comes with Covid-19, and learning every day how to function in today’s world, which is something you are never prepared for. I do worry about getting the virus, and we have stayed home almost all week. We did go to the store today to grab Tylenol for the kids (I only had Ibuprofen at home for them), spent a little time with nana and papa, and then home. I’m glad we have such a big yard so they at least can get some fresh air and play, and aren’t stuck in our tiny home.

Hope everyone else is doing well during this time, and stay healthy!

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Corona Virus Quarantine Day 3

Day 3 of the kids being home, and home schooling them. I feel like I forgot stuff today, but that’s okay, they’re still learning! Peyton did his math work without a problem, and told me tonight he’s doing it first thing in the morning so he can be done and then play all day!

Hayden got some new work from his teacher, so he will be a bit busier now. I like that she is posting links and videos, and giving them work. He needs a bit of a challenge! He is moving right along though, even though I can’t get him to write a journal about life during Covid-19. I’ll try again tomorrow!

Russ took the boys out today and they learned how to find items to start a fire. They also learned other nature skills they would need to survive outside, and found signs of a predator in our yard. They found the droppings with berries, and narrowed it down to a coyote or fox. So, our cat is in for a bit whether she likes it or not!

Tonight’s dinner was Broccoli Cheddar stuffed Chicken and Mac and Cheese. I really liked the chicken! You can find that recipe here: Broccoli Cheddar Stuffed Chicken ( I didn’t make the rice).

After dinner, mom did her art project for the boys. I made them ninja masks. Now Peyton wants the whole costume! They loved them! Here they are wearing them for game night! They’re also showing off their ninja stars that dad made them last night! Maybe tomorrow I’ll be motivated to make a costume, or find the right clothing in the closet for one!

Before bed tonight, we played Scrabble kids edition. Peyton beat us! After that was Would you Rather game where dad beat everyone! It was fun, and I love listening to Peyton as he learns reading. He is getting better and better every day!

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Corona Virus Quarantine Day 2

Here goes the quarantine during Covid-19, Day 2. We did not have any crying or tantrums from Peyton, but Hayden had a little break down. We learned today that Math is now dad’s subject to work on with Hayden. He’s more patient, and Hayden listens more to him, so tag, dad’s it!

This is how Peyton’s day started. He joined me in bed and did his math homework. He got really excited when he realized he didn’t have to do a math sheet! This boy is good at math, but doesn’t like doing it!

Math in bed on the iPad!

Hayden did his work, and we found out mom is not the best teacher at Math for him. He gets really agitated with me fast. We made it through a worksheet after many arguments and tears. Then dad came out and helped with his math on the Chrome Book and we found out dad is the best math teacher when it comes to Hayden. So…dad gets to do the math work with him now!

Other than that, the boys have had a blanket fort in the living room, done lots of reading, and playing Roblox. They have had lots of “gym” time outside, and expended a lot of energy that way. I can say I am REALLY glad we have a huge yard for them to play in. It makes this quarantine not too terrible.

Fun time after baths.

The end of the night had them curled up on the couch playing a game together. Hayden didn’t want me taking his picture, but too bad! Not long after this pic, Hayden was elbowing Peyton and they were arguing. I don’t know why they play Roblox together, it always ends that way!

How are you handling the extra time at home?

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Covid-19 Quarantine Day 1

Today is the first day of no school, Covid-19 Quarantine. I found out why I don’t home school (I mean, to be fair, I knew why before..but this just proved it to me). The day started off good, everyone woke up around 8 and the boys were excited to start the day. That is, til Peyton realized that he would have to do real school work, not just fun and games. The crap hit the fan! He began crying and having a full on temper tantrum. He doesn’t do this at school, or so I’m told, so I think it’s just me. It lasted a bit, and then we started math. He says he hates math, though he’s good at it. Our day went like this for Peyton:

15 mins “choice time”
15 mins “choice time”
15 mins “choice time”

The promise of those “choice time” sections made him do the work, so I just went with it!

Here is his writing and drawing/sentence writing:

Image may contain: one or more people and people sitting
Writing Time
No photo description available.
Scribbling doesn’t help you draw.

Hayden had a good day, he did his math and reading, with some arguing over Reading Street paperwork. It made no sense to either of us, so I looked it up online and tried to explain it to him. That was a nice little argument with Mr. Always Right. I think we made it through that sheet, and survived the day. Peyton is now playing in his fort made of sheets, and Hayden is playing the PS4. Hoping us, and everyone else, a good rest of the night!

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Blood Echo by Christopher Rice

Blood Echo (The Burning Girl Book 2) by [Rice, Christopher]
Blood Echo on Amazon

My newest book review is of “Blood Echo.” It’s been a while since the review of the first book, “Bone Music,” so I thought I better sit down and write what I thought about the second book “Blood Echo.”

This book had all of the same returning characters (Charlotte, Luke, Cole, Marty, Dylan) with the addition of some new characters. Charlotte is hunting serial killers, but she leaves Luke behind this time. The book had the same adrenaline inducing writing as the first one. It kept you guessing at parts and still had the sci-fi feel to it. I really enjoyed it and cannot wait til the third installment! I read another review of this book on Amazon, and have to admit I agree with the person, this could be a pretty good tv series!

In this one, you get Cole’s background. I feel like Cole is a character you should hate, but I just love him. He is fast becoming my favorite character in this series. Luke is the sweet boyfriend who overcame being a bully, but Cole has a story that is sad, and you feel for him. He might seem like an uncaring jerk, but really, you do see he cares about Charlotte in his own way. He wants the medicine to work, but he also wants her to not get hurt. He truly does care about what happens to her.

You get more of Dylan’s story in this book also, and Cole’s feelings towards him. Dylan is pretty much uncaring who is hurt in the process of his drug coming to fruition. He also helps Charlotte in the book at one point, he really is a genius. He gets help from Luke’s brother to make things happen.

Charlotte is after a different serial killer in this one, but while working out of town, there is trouble brewing in town with Luke and some guys who really aren’t good people. She has to help save her town, outside of the serial killer. Her powers seem to change, get stronger. Luke doesn’t stand by, you see he does have a true sense of justice. And you see how their relationship also evolves in the book.

Overall, I give this book 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) stars! If you read the books, let me know what you think below!

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Be stronger than your strongest excuse! Motivational design

“Be stronger than your strongest excuse!” motivational design! I like to look for quotes and sayings online during my design process, to maybe get an idea of what I want to put on a shirt, or that someone might want to put on vinyl. I found this saying, “Be stronger than your strongest excuse!” and just KNEW I had to put it on a shirt. I’m going to make it a cut file also, working on that process now.

Anytime you want to accomplish something, the only thing standing in your way is you. Do you make excuses? No time management? Or don’t want to get up and work? Stop making excuses. This shirt will help remind you to be stronger than your excuse. Instead of making excuses, get up and do the work to get to where you want to be!

You can order this new design here on Amazon:

You can also purchase it on a sticker and more here on RedBubble:

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Basketball and Play Practice

Having two boys, both in school, our nights get pretty busy. Both of them love to try new things, and always find something to sign up for. We, as parents, try to encourage this, as it helps them meet new people, learn how to follow rules, have fun, and stay active. Our current involvements include basketball for both boys, and a play for our oldest.

This year is the first year our youngest has been able to sign up for basketball. He was so worried he wouldn’t like it, or it would be too hard. After two practices, it’s safe to say he LOVES the sport. He comes home and has to tell me how much fun he had at practice (my husband coaches his team, and I have to be at practice with our oldest, so I don’t get to watch) and he can’t wait to play his first game. He’s also making new friends from other schools. I think that’s my favorite part.

Our oldest is in his third year of basketball. He is a big kid, bigger than a lot of the others, so he’s trying to learn to be more aggressive and go after the ball (not hurting anyone, but learning to block, and fight for the loose ball, get rebounds, etc). He also enjoys the sport, and can’t wait til he can play a good friend of his once the season starts.

After basketball comes play practice. He is in the local play group Our Town Players and they are doing Alice in Wonderland – Steampunk style. This is his 4th year with the group, and the first year he got a speaking part. He is the Red King and has 98 lines!! He is doing such a good job with his lines, but is learning speaking parts are A LOT harder than non-speaking parts. Each night he learns something new, and it’s all coming together. The play starts the end of this month, and it’s exciting to watch it come fully together!

The one thing about having kids is they keep you busy. The love to try new things, interact with new people, and go go go. It’s a lot of fun though, I wouldn’t change it for anything!

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Book review of “Bone Music” by Christopher Rice

Bone Music (The Burning Girl Book 1) by [Rice, Christopher]

It’s time I make this webpage about more than just digital work, and actually use it. So, I decided I’m going to try and write some book reviews as I read this year! The first book I have read, and will review, is “Bone Music” by Christopher Rice. This is a 455 page book, and I can honestly say, it didn’t feel like it was that long at all!

I have seen this book in my searches on Amazon Kindle Unlimited a lot, but never stopped to read it until I saw one of my favorite authors, Lori Foster, recommend it. So, I decided to give it a try, and I’m actually glad I did!

“Bone Music” as a suspenseful thriller about a lady (Charlotte Rowe) who was kidnapped by a serial killer couple when she was a baby. They murdered her mom and then realized she was in the back seat so they took her. They raised her for 7 or 8 years, and it’s about her life as an adult. You learn what she went through kind of at the hands of the serial killers, and then at the hands of her dad who used her story to make him money. The only person Charlotte could count on growing up was her grandmother.

As we learn of Charlotte’s story, we learn about how she becomes a pretty reclusive, insecure woman who lives alone pretty much in the middle of nowhere. She is dragged into the middle of a new pharmaceutical drug by someone she felt she trusted, and the story goes from there. You learn about strengths she gets from the drug, and strengths she already has but been afraid to see she possesses. You watch her grow, while realizing she needs relationships in her life. She decides to take advantage of the drug and use it for what she wants to accomplish, and not just letting others use her.

I enjoyed the book because it has humor (if a book can make me laugh out loud, I usually really enjoy it), strong female role (even if it takes her a little bit to realize she is strong), good strong supporting characters, and a struggle between right and wrong. The characters in this book are well developed and I love how they can point out their own weaknesses, and feel all kinds of emotions through them. I love the ups and downs of each character, and how you get a feel for them early on but they grow throughout the book too. It kept me enthralled through the whole thing, I can’t wait to start book 2!

I give this book 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5) !

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