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please cancel shirt
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Design Process

Last night my husband comes home from the store with water bottles. This in itself is odd because he never…

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Never Apologize

One of my newest designs was made because as women, we are made to think we should apologize for being…

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You are Enough

Always remember, no matter what life throws at you, no matter what you are going through or who tries to…

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Stuffed Gourmet Pretzels Shirt and Label

One thing I love about being a Graphic Designer is all of the different types of things I get to…

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FaithfullyUrs Etsy Shop is up and running

After having a shop for years, but never really doing anything with it, I FINALLY have files ready to purchase!…

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I have a good heart, but this mouth.

Ever have someone contact you with an idea for a shirt, your send you a saying they just love, and…

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Never Again

With all of the abortion bans being made, I wanted to show I was pro-choice, pro women’s rights to choice…

Faithfully Yours Logo
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Amazon Associate

I am now an Amazon Associate, so any links you see to Amazon, means they are my links and I…

Llama Onesie
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Llama with Hearts

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, are you looking for a design that is different and cute? Or do…

Needle and Thread Mug
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My Soul is Fed by Needle and Thread

This design is probably one of my favorites, if not my favorite! I LOVE to sew, and am friends with…