Broken Souls by Ariana Cane Release

BROKEN SOULS, the third book in the Little Hope Series, by @ArianaCaneRomanceAuthor is NOW LIVE! 

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“You are bad for my sanity.”


The only thing I’ve ever wanted was to forget what happened that night so I could move on with my life. An impossible feat, considering the demons of the past refuse to let me go. Jumping head-first into the unknown seems like a good place to start.

So I move out of my childhood home and away from the pain lurking around every corner.

It would have been a great start if not for my new next-door neighbor, who slightly resembles a Yeti. His attitude does little to convince me he’s not.


The only thing I’ve ever wanted was to help those unable to help themselves. Something I’ve had a lot of experience doing ever since childhood. A simple life without drama is all I yearn for.

And I almost had it…

That is, until my new neighbor moves in next door. The one that screams in the night, hides bodies in her backyard, and bewitches my beastly dog. Ignoring her is the best option.

So how come I find myself saving her every single night?

A firefighter who dedicates his life to saving lives with no one around to save his, and a writer desperate to create worlds where her demons can’t touch her. What’s common between them? The pain they hide.

They say you shouldn’t let the past define you. But when the past becomes all you are, sometimes you just need a blank page.

This slow-burn, strangers-to-enemies-to-lovers, contemporary romance is a standalone filled with angst, yearning, and finding peace. Each book contains a story about a different couple. No cheating. No cliffhangers. HEA.

TW: SA in the past (not from MMC). Strong language.

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