Review: Broken Souls by Ariana Cane

This is my first book by Ariana Cane and I enjoyed it. I didn’t read books 1 and 2, but I can honestly say I didn’t feel lost when reading this one, so it can definitely be a stand alone book.

Alicia moves in next door to Mark, and it seems like all he does is rescue her. From screams, to broken pipes, to anything else that can go wrong. Alicia wants to be on her own, with no help from anyone, so this is kind of wrecking her plans. She is finally out on her own, feeling like she can live alone, and wants to prove to her family that she can handle it. But she starts to wonder when Mark is constantly “saving” her.

This book did make me laugh. From moving dead bodies out back, to camping in the cold, and a dog that doesn’t understand Alicia isn’t his person, I enjoyed this book. I will definitely look up more by this author.

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