Covid-19 Quarantine Day 1

Today is the first day of no school, Covid-19 Quarantine. I found out why I don’t home school (I mean, to be fair, I knew why before..but this just proved it to me). The day started off good, everyone woke up around 8 and the boys were excited to start the day. That is, til Peyton realized that he would have to do real school work, not just fun and games. The crap hit the fan! He began crying and having a full on temper tantrum. He doesn’t do this at school, or so I’m told, so I think it’s just me. It lasted a bit, and then we started math. He says he hates math, though he’s good at it. Our day went like this for Peyton:

15 mins “choice time”
15 mins “choice time”
15 mins “choice time”

The promise of those “choice time” sections made him do the work, so I just went with it!

Here is his writing and drawing/sentence writing:

Image may contain: one or more people and people sitting
Writing Time
No photo description available.
Scribbling doesn’t help you draw.

Hayden had a good day, he did his math and reading, with some arguing over Reading Street paperwork. It made no sense to either of us, so I looked it up online and tried to explain it to him. That was a nice little argument with Mr. Always Right. I think we made it through that sheet, and survived the day. Peyton is now playing in his fort made of sheets, and Hayden is playing the PS4. Hoping us, and everyone else, a good rest of the night!

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