Hating the Player Review

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Ever since learning that Violet hated Gavin in the first book, I couldn’t wait for their story. I am so glad I didn’t have to wait long!

Gavin is a player. He is in the middle of all the parties at “The White House” (his college house) and never is without a girl. Violet use to be his girl a year ago, til he cheated on her…with her roommate. Now she hates him. She did a good job avoiding him, until they ended up at a campsite, with one tent left. What could go wrong?

I loved watching Gavin struggle to figure out how to let Violet know how he feels, and how to make up to her for his past misdeeds. Gavin is also struggling with dealing with his dad, and his misgivings towards him. It was nice seeing multiple sides to Gavin. He was so much more than a player, he just had to prove it to Violet.

Violet is Gavin’s opposite. She’s artsy, more on the outside of things, and not as in the middle. Violet has every right to be hurt by Gavin. It was great though to see her move past that anger to acceptance, and then forgiveness. She isn’t afraid to tell Gavin how she is feeling. She was hurt but didn’t let it make her afraid to try again. I enjoyed the interactions between these two and enjoyed finally reading their story. The ending made me extremely happy though, as I am sure it will you too.

Hating the Player by Rebecca Jenshak is now live!

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