Until You Can’t by Brittney Sahin Review

Until You Can’t: 5 Stars!

I don’t think I can say enough good things about Ryan Rossi. I just LOVE him. He is a strong alpha character, but has a caring and sweet side that quickly made him one of my favorites.

Natalia is a fun female character. She is a strong female (as pretty much all of Brittney’s female characters are) and she gives just as good as she gets. Her and Ryan start off “hating” each other while she dates his brother. That ends, and he still pushes her away because she is his brother’s ex. But then his brother gets in trouble, and all bets are off after that. I loved watching their relationship change and develop into one of friendship and love.

Ryan is genuinely a nice and caring guy, but can play the role of a jerk if need be. He will do anything for his brother. Anything. Even take the blame for his mistakes, and work hard to make sure his brother is okay no matter what he gets himself into.

I also enjoyed having Noah in this book. He is another swoon worthy character/book boyfriend by Brittney. And the Stealth Ops guys in some parts, yes please and thank you. Love them all!

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