Wildcat by Rebecca Jenshak

Wildcat (Wildcat Hockey #1)

Another thoroughly enjoyable book by Rebecca Jenshak. If you haven’t read previous sports or hockey ones of hers..don’t worry, this can definitely stand alone.

Leo was so sweet and adorable. He wasn’t a player and honestly was just an all around likable guy. He was nice, though sometimes awkward. He met a girl, Scarlett, and liked her immediately. They had their one night together, and then he just didn’t know what to say to her. Then, he finds out she’s the coach’s daughter. Uh oh. That couldn’t possibly go wrong, could it?

Scarlett was likable for the most part. She’s your young hot mess girl who is trying to figure life out. Her character did agitate me a bit, but she redeemed herself. It was fun watching their relationship build.

The best part about the book, we got some more Johnny Maverick. If you’re a fan of Rebecca’s, you know who he is. That alone made me happy 😉 

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