Wild About You by Rebecca Jenshak – Review

I really enjoyed this second-chance hockey romance by Rebecca Jenshak. My all-time favorite character of hers, Maverick, almost lost his top spot. I just loved Tyler. He was sweet, caring, and somewhat lost when he took in his little sister. He suddenly became a “father” overnight.

I loved the dynamics of his relationship with his sister (lost, didn’t know what to do, but learning along the way), the team, and Piper. I loved how his team stepped up to become big brothers to his sister, and how they acted towards her. They were what I would want in big brothers. You also got to see sides of them you wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

Tyler and Piper were together when they were 18. He broke up with her, but didn’t really want to and has always wanted his second chance. He finally gets it. He adores Piper, and truly does love her. I loved reading about them two and watching their story unfold. I love how open Tyler is throughout the book and not afraid to admit to how he is feeling, even to his hockey friends.

“Because I’ve missed you every day for four years and because now that I’ve seen you again, I can’t imagine another day going by where I can’t.” Swoon!

Definitely worth the read, and if you want a little more Maverick, you will also get that in this book! Watch out though, you might just fall in love with Tyler a little bit more. Maybe.

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