The Hunted One by Brittney Sahin

The Hunted One (Falcon Falls Security #1)

Every time Brittney writes a new book, I find myself with a book hangover. I swear her books just get better and better!

This new series is going to be so good. I love that she has characters from Stealth Ops show up, but that she has introduced a bunch of new ones for us to get to know. Especially Griffin. He is definitely an alpha male who I absolutely loved. I am glad that Savanna got her second happily ever after, and with someone who understands how much she loved Marcus, but realizes she can love him too.

“And then a stranger came into my life and called me Sugar.” She closed her eyes. “And the page turned.”

This book has all the suspense and romance. My two favorite things together. Griffin helps show Savanna she can find love again, and with someone different from Marcus. He makes her feel again, and she needed that. He had his own issues to work through, and it was good watching him grow. I will definitely be rereading this one again soon.

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