The Guarded One Book Review

The Guarded One by Brittney Sahin

Going into this book, I definitely had high hopes for Beckett and Sydney. I can honestly say, I was not disappointed. These two were fire.

Beckett is his growly self, but he opens up to Sydney like he does no one else. We get to see why he is the way he is, and it’s surprising. Sydney sees the sweet, compassionate side of him. He definitely wasn’t looking for love, or a relationship, but he found it. He wasn’t afraid to follow where it went though, and I loved that about him. I honestly thought Beckett was going to take Asher’s spot as my favorite, but Asher still holds that spot (not by much, but he’s there).

Sydney is such a strong, kick butt female. She holds all in, except with Beckett. She lets him see sides of her no one else gets to (except her son). Sydney is one of my favorite female main characters from Brittney…honestly probably from any book by any author. I love strong female leads, who isn’t afraid to count on a man, but stands on her two feet quite well.

I enjoyed some of the twists and turns in this, and definitely had some “whoa” moments.

I loved reading about these two, and was definitely surprised when Brittney said she was putting them together. But it works, and it works well. Definitely another great story by Brittney, with some cameos by some of our favorites from other series!

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