The Broken One by Brittney Sahin

The Broken One (Falcon Falls Security #2)

I don’t know how Brittney does it, but she seems to always out do herself with each book she puts out. Jesse and Ella were WOW. Jesse had me feeling all the emotions. You know he has been holding back from Ella Mae, but you never understood why. Especially when you could feel the emotions between them two in other books. I cried quite a bit, but also laughed and smiled. Ella is a strong character, and I love how Brittney does that, I love strong female leads. You felt all the ups and downs with the characters and even had cameos by A.J., Chris and Rory. I love how she does that too.

“Because Jesse did more than break my heart. I think he broke me too. He broke so much of me,” she cried. “And I’m just not sure if he can help me put the pieces back together.”

“I’ve always known you were the one, Ella Mae. There’s never been anyone but you,” he said slowly. “You were with me in Iraq even though you didn’t know it. I had your picture with me. Always. Yours was the first face I looked at when I woke and the last face I saw before going to sleep.”

How can you not feel the emotion in that? I love these two, and am so happy to finally have read their book! You get the suspense, the mystery, and the action along with emotions and relationships. What more can you want?

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