Practically ok! Dandelion wishes.

practically ok!

Next up, is my Practically ok! design. I have this one offered in black, Burgundy and mustard color. This one also had dandelions with it, as we all know, when we are practically ok, we would love some good vibes and wishes to go with it. Perfect design for you, or for the person who is practically ok right now.

You can buy items with this design here: Practically Ok! Dandelion wishes by faithfullyyours | Redbubble

In burgundy: “Practically Ok! Dandelion wishes” by faithfullyyours | Redbubble

Mustard Yellow: “Practically Ok! Dandelion wishes” by faithfullyyours | Redbubble

If there’s a saying you would love designed, leave me a comment or send me a message!

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