Never Apologize

One of my newest designs was made because as women, we are made to think we should apologize for being a strong, powerful, independent person. If we are assertive, we are made to feel like we are in the wrong. If we are strong, smart, and in charge, all strong values looked for in men, we are told to stop being so, that it is not feminine. But in truth, women can be strong. We can be powerful. We can be independent. We can be in charge. Never forget that. Never apologize for being a powerful woman!

This design looks great on stickers, . It also looks great on shirts, mugs and more! You can get to multiple products by clicking the link above.

If you are a strong, powerful female, this design is great for you! Show off to other powerful women that they too, do not need to apologize. Be strong, be assertive, show the world women are in charge!

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You are Enough

Always remember, no matter what life throws at you, no matter what you are going through or who tries to put you down, You are Enough! You will always be enough! Don’t let others tell you who you are, or make you feel less. You be you. This world needs you.

My newest design will show the world, and let others know, they are enough.

You are enough!
You are enough sticker

It is available on shirts, stickers, bags and more!! Wear it around, hand it out, let others know the world isn’t the same without them!

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Stuffed Gourmet Pretzels Shirt and Label

One thing I love about being a Graphic Designer is all of the different types of things I get to create! I love designing, and I love trying new things. Lately, I have been working with Stuffed Gourmet Pretzels LLC (you can visit their website at ). I worked on some shirts for a bazaar they did, which you can see here:

I heart pretzels. Stuffed Gourmet Pretzels!

The latest item I designed for them is a label for some promotional buckets they are working on. These turned out cute and I can’t wait to see them in action!

Stuffed Gourmet Pretzels

Right now, I’m working on their business cards and can’t wait to share the final version with you!

If you are looking for a promotional package, business cards, forms, flyers or more, contact me today!

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FaithfullyUrs Etsy Shop is up and running

After having a shop for years, but never really doing anything with it, I FINALLY have files ready to purchase! I am taking designs I make and sell on Amazon Merch, and selling them so anyone can make their own products at home! I am so excited to finally have this happening! You can purchase SVG cut files and digital files to make your own creations today!

Check out my Etsy shop here: and let me know what you think!

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I have a good heart, but this mouth.

Ever have someone contact you with an idea for a shirt, your send you a saying they just love, and you can’t wait to turn it in to a design? That was this one for me. “I have a good heart, but this mouth.”

I have a good heart, but this mouth.

I have a good heart, but this mouth.

So funny right? I know a couple of people myself who are genuinely good people and will give you the shirt off of their back, but their mouth, it can and does say whatever it wants. They have good intentions, but sometimes, it just doesn’t come out right. This is the design for them!! It’s too funny not to share, and too funny not to gift!

You can buy this mug here:

I also have it available on shirts, notebooks and more! Just check out the shop.

What is one saying or quote you would love to see on a shirt, sticker, journal etc.? What is something you always thought “That would be great to wear around?” Leave me a comment and let me know!

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Never Again

Never Again Women's Rights Against Abortion Bans
Never Again T-Shirt Design

With all of the abortion bans being made, I wanted to show I was pro-choice, pro women’s rights to choice what she does to her own body, so I made this “Never Again” design. My sister help me come up with it, and I have to say I am happy with the results. Never again will we have to do back alley abortions. Never again will women have to have unsafe abortions. Never again! Below is the link to the t-shirt design. You can also purchase it on stickers, phone cases and more!

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Amazon Associate

I am now an Amazon Associate, so any links you see to Amazon, means they are my links and I will make money off of them if you purchase! Thank you for supporting me, my blog, and my business!!

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Llama with Hearts

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, are you looking for a design that is different and cute? Or do you just like llamas? If so, this design is for you!

(This shows it on a onesie, but you can get it on t-shirts, hoodies, notebooks, mugs and more!)

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My Soul is Fed by Needle and Thread

This design is probably one of my favorites, if not my favorite! I LOVE to sew, and am friends with lots of sewists/sewers. This design is super cute, and makes a really great Mug! You can buy it at TeePublic here:

Needle and Thread Mug
My Soul is Fed by Needle and Thread

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Teen HOPE Logo

As part of my online work, I run social media for HOPE Parent Resource Center. I also run their Teen HOPE group, a group for young parents, 21 and under, who are pregnant or have a child under the age of one. As part of this work, they also hired me to help rebrand the center and the group. My first piece of work was creating a new logo. It took me a little while, but we finally decided on the one below, and I couldn’t be happier with it. If you are looking for logo work, you can email me at for a quote today!


Teen HOPE logo

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