Never Look Back by A.L. Jackson

An Enemies-to-Lovers, Close-Proximity,Second-Chance Romance from A.L. Jackson

Coming August 29th

Aster gripped him by the shoulder. “Jarek, don’t do this.”
I had to wonder exactly what he had riding on the line. Why he was there. Why I could feel the chinks in his armor coming apart.
Flinging off her hand, he cut her a hard glare.
“Don’t,” he warned.
The word was coated with his humiliation. With desperation.
There was the chink.
Weakness wept through the powerful persona.
Reluctantly, Aster withdrew her hand, and her delicate throat trembled as she swallowed. She lifted that stoic chin that I’d caressed more times than I could count.
Okay, fine.
That was a goddamn lie because I remembered every fucking touch. Every glance. Every broken promise she had made.
Jarek met my stare as he pushed nearly the rest of his chips into the pot, raising me by a thousand.
I raised him another ten.

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