Never Apologize

One of my newest designs was made because as women, we are made to think we should apologize for being a strong, powerful, independent person. If we are assertive, we are made to feel like we are in the wrong. If we are strong, smart, and in charge, all strong values looked for in men, we are told to stop being so, that it is not feminine. But in truth, women can be strong. We can be powerful. We can be independent. We can be in charge. Never forget that. Never apologize for being a powerful woman!

This design looks great on stickers, . It also looks great on shirts, mugs and more! You can get to multiple products by clicking the link above.

If you are a strong, powerful female, this design is great for you! Show off to other powerful women that they too, do not need to apologize. Be strong, be assertive, show the world women are in charge!

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