Covid-19 Quarantine Days 4 and 5

Yesterday I forgot to make a post, we were all just emotionally drained, and I zoned out last night when I would have normally posted. So, you will get two days in one post!

Yesterday, the kids weren’t as excited to get their work going. It took a bit of bribing to get them started, but they worked well once they did. Hayden got to do a video chat with his class both yesterday and today, which he loved. It was fun listen to the kids all talk together, they definitely miss school and one another!

For art class, I created Peyton’s Ninja costume. He LOVES it.

The boys also had music class and gym with dad yesterday. They’re enjoying the time home with us right now, who knows how long that will last though!

Tomorrow is Saturday, so we will take a break from “classes.” We only spend about 1-2 hours daily on them as it is, but they need a brain break too. Waiting to see what comes with Covid-19, and learning every day how to function in today’s world, which is something you are never prepared for. I do worry about getting the virus, and we have stayed home almost all week. We did go to the store today to grab Tylenol for the kids (I only had Ibuprofen at home for them), spent a little time with nana and papa, and then home. I’m glad we have such a big yard so they at least can get some fresh air and play, and aren’t stuck in our tiny home.

Hope everyone else is doing well during this time, and stay healthy!

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