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Blood Echo (The Burning Girl Book 2) by [Rice, Christopher]
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My newest book review is of “Blood Echo.” It’s been a while since the review of the first book, “Bone Music,” so I thought I better sit down and write what I thought about the second book “Blood Echo.”

This book had all of the same returning characters (Charlotte, Luke, Cole, Marty, Dylan) with the addition of some new characters. Charlotte is hunting serial killers, but she leaves Luke behind this time. The book had the same adrenaline inducing writing as the first one. It kept you guessing at parts and still had the sci-fi feel to it. I really enjoyed it and cannot wait til the third installment! I read another review of this book on Amazon, and have to admit I agree with the person, this could be a pretty good tv series!

In this one, you get Cole’s background. I feel like Cole is a character you should hate, but I just love him. He is fast becoming my favorite character in this series. Luke is the sweet boyfriend who overcame being a bully, but Cole has a story that is sad, and you feel for him. He might seem like an uncaring jerk, but really, you do see he cares about Charlotte in his own way. He wants the medicine to work, but he also wants her to not get hurt. He truly does care about what happens to her.

You get more of Dylan’s story in this book also, and Cole’s feelings towards him. Dylan is pretty much uncaring who is hurt in the process of his drug coming to fruition. He also helps Charlotte in the book at one point, he really is a genius. He gets help from Luke’s brother to make things happen.

Charlotte is after a different serial killer in this one, but while working out of town, there is trouble brewing in town with Luke and some guys who really aren’t good people. She has to help save her town, outside of the serial killer. Her powers seem to change, get stronger. Luke doesn’t stand by, you see he does have a true sense of justice. And you see how their relationship also evolves in the book.

Overall, I give this book 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5) stars! If you read the books, let me know what you think below!

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