Basketball and Play Practice

Having two boys, both in school, our nights get pretty busy. Both of them love to try new things, and always find something to sign up for. We, as parents, try to encourage this, as it helps them meet new people, learn how to follow rules, have fun, and stay active. Our current involvements include basketball for both boys, and a play for our oldest.

This year is the first year our youngest has been able to sign up for basketball. He was so worried he wouldn’t like it, or it would be too hard. After two practices, it’s safe to say he LOVES the sport. He comes home and has to tell me how much fun he had at practice (my husband coaches his team, and I have to be at practice with our oldest, so I don’t get to watch) and he can’t wait to play his first game. He’s also making new friends from other schools. I think that’s my favorite part.

Our oldest is in his third year of basketball. He is a big kid, bigger than a lot of the others, so he’s trying to learn to be more aggressive and go after the ball (not hurting anyone, but learning to block, and fight for the loose ball, get rebounds, etc). He also enjoys the sport, and can’t wait til he can play a good friend of his once the season starts.

After basketball comes play practice. He is in the local play group Our Town Players and they are doing Alice in Wonderland – Steampunk style. This is his 4th year with the group, and the first year he got a speaking part. He is the Red King and has 98 lines!! He is doing such a good job with his lines, but is learning speaking parts are A LOT harder than non-speaking parts. Each night he learns something new, and it’s all coming together. The play starts the end of this month, and it’s exciting to watch it come fully together!

The one thing about having kids is they keep you busy. The love to try new things, interact with new people, and go go go. It’s a lot of fun though, I wouldn’t change it for anything!

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